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Carolyn Dean, MD, ND. DrDean is not only a medical doctor, but also a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant, author and inventor. She authored The Magnesium Miracle and has been in the forefront of natural medicine for almost 40 years. 

Don't you wish you could just feel better?


Are you like many people who haven’t felt like themselves for so long that they’re afraid they’ll never get back to feeling better? Do you wish for a miracle?


Mineral deficiency manifests as so many different symptoms that people often mistake it for a disease.


Dramatic improvements to your body’s state of health are possible and don’t have to require a miracle or take several years to achieve.


This webinar will teach you how to remineralize your body so that it has the building blocks it requires to operate at its best, so you can stay healthy and feel better.


Tune in using your webinar URL on this page or in the email I sent you. You will learn:


  • Which mineral deficiency is THE silent public health crisis your doctor probably hasn't told you about
  • The "miracle mineral" that regulates over 700 critical processes in the body
  • Which 65 common conditions are caused by mineral deficiency
  • Why you can't eat your way out of mineral deficiency
  • and more...